A Sweet Journey from our Small Studio
to Huge Facilities

Cake Studio was founded in 2003 as a small bakery shop. Our mission was “to make people happy”. We started serving local restaurants and small coffee shops, followed by restaurants and coffee chains ...

Our Journey Story

Feast and Cake Studio are Together
for a Sweeter World

With the production capacity of about 100.000 tons per a year, Feast having Turkey’s one of the largest integrated frozen food facilities entered into the patisserie sector in 2012 and incorporated Cake Studio which is one of the most popular brand. After Cake Studio moved to the new facility in Izmir, process of getting BRC and Halal certificates was completed successfully.

Our Story of Togetherness

Being a Master

Thanks to frozen food technology, which preserves foods naturally, each taste we create is frozen as soon as it comes out of the oven without using any preservatives and keeps its taste and freshness as the first day.

Our Success Story


We have been producing frozen cheesecake, cakes and bakery products for dessert lovers since 2003.


We make production in hygienic environment in the 2200 m2 of modern facility located in Izmir


We bring together most qualified patisserie chefs and the best quality of ingredients and create sweet miracles.


We deliver our products to you with our vehicles, which are supervised through Data Logger system, cooled at -18°C, as fresh as the day they were produced.


We were incorporated to Feast in 2012, who is the biggest frozen food company and we can offer our products also by retail now.

We produce with love

We work with passion, produce with love and do all these for you, dessert lovers.


We work with love

We are a large family, who is trained from the cradle and work with a team spirit.

Our Working Story

We Produce for Happiness

We, as Cake Studio, work to make sure that our every product gives pleasure to people and continues to make them happy.

Our Products
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